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Hari Santri Nasional is a significant event in Indonesia that is celebrated every year on October 22nd. It is a day to honor and appreciate the contributions of santri, who are students in Islamic boarding schools known as pesantren. The day serves as a reminder of the important role that pesantren and santri play in shaping the nation.

The celebration of Hari Santri Nasional aims to raise awareness about the values and teachings of Islam, as well as to promote the development of pesantren and support the education of santri. This day is an opportunity to recognize the efforts of santri in preserving the teachings of Islam and contributing to the development of the country.

The origins of Hari Santri Nasional can be traced back to the historic Battle of Surabaya, which took place during the Indonesian National Revolution in 1945. This battle involved the participation of many santri from pesantren in Surabaya, who fought bravely against the Dutch colonial forces. Their involvement in the battle demonstrated the strong spirit of resistance and patriotism among the santri community.

Since then, the celebration of Hari Santri Nasional has grown in significance and is now recognized as a national holiday. It is marked by various activities and events, including religious ceremonies, cultural performances, and educational programs. These activities aim to promote unity, tolerance, and understanding among the diverse communities in Indonesia.

On this day, people across the country, including government officials, religious leaders, and the general public, come together to express their appreciation for the contributions of santri. They also reflect on the importance of Islamic education and its role in shaping the character and values of the nation's youth.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the need to further support and empower pesantren and santri. Efforts are being made to improve the quality of education in pesantren, provide better facilities and resources, and promote vocational training programs to prepare santri for the workforce. Hari Santri Nasional provides an opportunity to highlight these initiatives and encourage further support for pesantren and santri. It is a day to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of santri in their pursuit of knowledge, spirituality, and service to society.

We, lecturers at the Sharia Faculty of IAIN Madura, will continue to strive for progress and development, the role of pesantren and santri remains crucial. Hari Santri Nasional serves as a reminder of the important contributions that santri have made and continue to make in shaping the nation's future. By honoring and supporting santri, Indonesia can ensure the preservation of its rich Islamic heritage and the development of a strong and harmonious society.

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